June 5, 2024. This week Kara McKinney interviewed Rev. Jim Harden on the OAN News show Tipping Point. The story focused on peaceful pro-life protesters who are being sentenced to federal prisons for peacefully praying for moms and babies at abortion clinics. “This is a miscarriage of justice, robbing Paulette and other people of equal protection under the law — using the law as a bludgeon, to beat people into submission.” Harden continued, “The Biden Administration needs to commute her sentence, if not pardon all of these people, and Justice Colleen Kollar-Kotelly needs to be removed from the bench.”

“The violence here is not in these people’s courageous protests,” he noted. “The violence here is against the rule of law. The violence is being done to women and children.”

Paulette is 75 years old and has serious debilitating health conditions. She is presently under house arrest until a penal facility can be found that can accommodate her.

You can find the full interview here.

1 comment on ““PAULETTE HARLOW IS A PRO-LIFE HERO.” – Rev. Harden”

  1. Diane Taylor (MPhil) Reply

    I am a 78 year old Prolifer & have been involved with the defence of unborn children for many years.
    Whilst counselling (I was a Medical Social Worker at the time) those approaching the abortion clinic, I was almost arrested but moved on as my now deceased husband had said he did not want me arrested. I watched elderly folk in pain as their arms stretched around their backs, were being loaded into a van. Ironically the couple I was talking to told me they’d changed their minds & would keep their child. Other women came back (they too changed their minds).with food & thanks other Prolifers for their vigilance. Paulette Harlow is truly an amazing woman, giving voice to the voiceless unborn & meaning to the Sanctity of Life Principle, by her courageous actions.

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