NY Gov. Hochul’s Budget Invests Over $100 MM in Abortion Tourism (RAN)

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul boasts the State’s new 2024 budget allocates over one hundred million dollars to build abortion tourism. This budget line includes security grants for abortionists, reimbursement for travel expenses and abortion costs for out-of-state women, as well as hiding personal data of women getting abortion in New York serving to protect sex traffickers from being identified and prosecuted. The budget line also props up the abortion industry by increasing financial reimbursement rates for surgical and chemical abortion. These budget measures come as the Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals considers overturning the FDA’s suspicious approval of the dangerous chemical abortion drug Mifepristone which could cut abortion industry revenue in half. In anticipation of the Court’s move, Gov. Hochul stockpiled 150,000 doses of an ulcer medication known to cause uterine contractions resulting in abortion. Is New York protecting women or abortion?

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