Roch NY City Council Gives Youth Violence Prevention Money to Planned Parenthood (RAN)

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortionist business in the nation. According to an analysis of the organization’s most recent 990 filing, a record 354,871 abortions were performed57% of all U.S. abortions reported to the CDC in 2020providing nearly two thirds of all abortions in America. Abortion ends the life of a human being and is by definition, violent. Meanwhile, it is reported that violence in the abortion hub of Rochester, NY is up 206%, with criminal violence to youth up dramatically. Ironically, Rochester created a Peace Collective to fund small local non-profits to curb the violence. How is it that the City Council voted to give some of that money to the abortion giant when it could be argued that, strictly by their own numbers, Planned Parenthood is the largest perpetrator of violence against youth in the country?

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