RNC Admits Midterm Mistake—Going on the Offensive Against Abortion in 2024

On January 30, the Republican National Committee (RNC) passed a resolution affirming the Republican Party’s heritage to protect all people equally. In the wake of the lackluster 2022 Midterms, the RNC acknowledged the reason for Republican losses saying candidates failed to “[fight] back and [expose] Democratic extremism on abortion.” The party is reaffirming their 2004 commitment to embrace the truth that “Fourteenth Amendment protections apply to unborn children,” urging all Republican candidates to make protecting the lives of preborn babies from abortion a top and public priority.

Rev. Jim Harden, pro-life strategist and author of Ethical Theory and Pertinent Standards in Women’s Reproductive Health, as early as August 25 warned of Republican Midterm losses saying, “The pro-life candidates need to start talking about abortion and that it is the role of government to protect all citizens equally, especially the most vulnerable among us, preborn boys and girls. If not, history may prove the overturning of Roe to be the worst thing that ever happened to the pro-life cause.”

Unsurprisingly, Republicans that turned away from the abortion issue and instead focused on crime and inflation during the Midterms lost their races. Some notable examples are Blake Masters for AZ Senate, Scott Jensen for MN Governor, Barbara Kirkmeyer for CO House (District 8), and Lee Zeldin for NY Governor. On the other hand, Conservatives like DeSantis in FL and Abbott in TX stood firmly and aggressively on moral issues—the foremost of which being the protection of preborn babies from abortion—enjoying decisive victories. Rev. Harden, CompassCare CEO says, “These losses were preventable and the refusal of those Republicans to stand for the life not only harmed the prospects of the Republican Party, but far more importantly harmed women and their babies who are exploited every day by the billion-dollar abortion empire and sex offenders evading justice through the abortion industry.”

It appears that the RNC learned a valuable lesson from the 2022 Midterms: the American people want their representatives to protect all people equally, which means addressing the issue of abortion. Rev. Harden congratulates the RNC on their resolution, saying, “It appears that the Republican Party recognizes the need for all political representatives to actually represent all people by becoming pro-life statesmen. The Republican Party was formed in Wisconsin to combat the injustice of slavery, telling the world it is good and necessary for a civil society to protect the personhood of all people. They now restate their long pro-life heritage by speaking and acting on behalf of those oppressed in the 21st Century—the preborn boy or girl exploited by a profiteering abortion industry.”

Rev. Harden concludes, “The RNC is coming back to a proper prioritization of issues as should Democrats. All voters should be leery of any politician who believes the government should have the power to disqualify entire classes of human from protection under the law whether they be on their deathbed or in the womb. America is at a crossroads of choice, not whether a woman should have the choice to abort her baby, but a choice about what it means to be human. Either we will choose to believe humans are a little above the animals and be ruled by barbarians or we will choose to believe the truth, that humans are made just a little low than God. Only there can human dignity and blind justice thrive. Only then will we see a return to civilized order. The resolution by the RNC represents a reorientation to that understanding. It is a good start. Well done! It is time for the Democrats to follow. Either all people are equally valuable or equality is just a word used to manipulate the masses to gain political power.”

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