6-Point Pro-Life Equal Protection Program

The following plan, developed by CompassCare CEO, Rev. Jim Harden, was released on June 17, 2022 during a virtual press conference hosted by Congresswoman Tenney, one of the lead authors of a letter demanding the US Attorney General Merrick Garland investigate the crime wave against pro-life organizations as domestic terrorism. Congresswoman Tenney promised to begin the process of drafting legislation to ensure equal protection of pro-life people and organizations from an onslaught discriminatory state action and pro-abortion domestic terror.

Summary of Current Situation

The national violence against pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches sparked by the unethical leak of the Roe-reversal Supreme Court draft is the pro-abortion Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht is German for “broken glass in the night” and refers to the watershed moment of violence against the Jewish community in Nazi Germany when Brownshirts targeted Jewish businesses, and under cover of darkness, broke glass and lit fires. The lack of public outcry and the refusal to denounce and protect the Jewish community on the part of the political elite emboldened more severe acts of violence.

When CompassCare was first firebombed, it was referred to as the pro-abortion Kristallnacht. At first people questioned the parallel, but in the midst of ongoing attacks, no one in the mainstream media has disputed it because pro-aborts in control of the Democrats are refusing to equally enforce the law and protect pro-life people and organizations from the domestic terror that is occurring. Pro-life people and pregnancy centers need protection from those who are trying to destroy our property and kill our staff because of what we believe. The following are six points of legislative action to begin immediately at both the Federal and State levels so that pro-life people and organizations like CompassCare can get back to the noble work of helping women and children.

Pro-Life Equal Protection Program

  1. Define as hate crimes the attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches. Pro-life people are being targeted for violence because of what we believe. The “hate crimes” designation either needs to be eliminated or equally enforced.
  2. Deny all funding to states that discriminate against Christian pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches. After the brutal firebombing of CompassCare in Buffalo, NY Governor Hochul, adding insult to injury, signed a bill, investigating pro-life pregnancy centers because they do not agree with official state abortion policy. Until NY State and others provide even-handed protection of pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches, and enforcement of laws against domestic terrorism, all Federal funding should be denied.
  3. Investigate proactively domestic terror threats against pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches, allocating a separate budget to help all 50 State Attorneys General.Threats were made. Those threats were realized. Now those threats have escalated. To date, it does not appear that any Department of Justice or Attorneys General investigation has occurred despite increased threats of violence.
  4. Provide proportionate security funding for pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches. NY State allocated $10 million to enhance security for private practice abortion clinics and nothing to pro-life pregnancy centers under threat. Nationally, there are about 800 abortionists; there are 3000 pro-life pregnancy centers with an estimated seven times as many staff and volunteers. Currently, states provide zero funding for security to pro-life pregnancy centers. A proportional allocation would require states to provide seven times more funding for enhanced security to pro-life pregnancy centers than abortion clinics.
  5. Federalize National Guard when states refuse to protect pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches. Unlike the 1957 Little Rock Crisis, when the National Guard was federalized to ensure the protection of black students, to date no federal or state law enforcement have been allocated to safeguard pro-life organizations or people.
  6. Acknowledge the criminality of the actions of pro-abortion terrorists and their supporters against pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches. Moral platitudes are insufficient. All laws to protect abortion clinics need to be provided equally to pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches.

Next Actions
If you can connect us with people at both the Congressional Research Service and the American Legislative Exchange Council, we would be happy to pursue this 6 Point Pro-life Equal Protection Program. However, ultimately, we would like to get back to the mission of providing for the unmet health and resource needs of women and their babies.

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