How Does Your Faith Today Save Babies Tomorrow?

Remember the time when someone, a stranger maybe, spoke that uncanny word of encouragement? Or the time when you knew God was speaking to you… right to you? Recall when coincidence could never describe the orchestration of events which, happening differently, could have resulted in disaster? Remember the pivotal moment when God unlocked you from the dungeon of your sinful self, leading you out with the revelation of His grace at the cross, to save you from that eternal death? When faced with new trials, these personal, pivotal points of God’s voice and hand cause us to stand firm, knowing His loving gaze is upon us. Remembering unlocks faith’s power for today.

Moses encouraged the Israelites to boldly take the land promised them by recounting God’s saving acts on their behalf during the exodus from slavery in Egypt, to their daily sustenance in the desert (Deut. 1). Even when instituting the Lord’s Supper ahead of the maelstrom of the crucifixion and the pending persecution of the Church, Jesus conveys the importance of keeping the source of God’s salvation top of mind when He says, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me” (Lk. 22:19b). Peter too, wrote to the believers hard-pressed and scattered by a world hostile to Christ saying, “I consider it right…to stir you up by way of reminder” (2 Pt. 1:13).

At the outset of the new year, together we remember Moses, Peter, and all that Jesus has done to give us salvation then and in 2021, CompassCare’s most effective life-saving year so far. 449 preborn babies were saved from abortion (16% increase over 2020), and 258 women submitted their lives to Jesus (36% increase over last year). Each one of these 449 boys and girls represent a unique story of God’s deliverance, as He used your faith to work His salvation for women who could see no way out. When we adopt the plight of the weakest and most vulnerable among us today, we are called to believe God for their tomorrows. Remembering what God did in the past is faith’s most powerful tool.

Like a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, the Lord often brings us to the end of ourselves with circumstances that bankrupt knowledge, exhaust technology, and confound medicine. These situations require His presence. God allows these circumstances because often in our abundance, we are tempted to misplace our trust. Our hearts speak to our soul as David’s did: “Now as for me, I said in my prosperity, ‘I will never be moved’” (Ps. 30:6). But the Lord is gracious to us, removing from us everything that might save but faith in Him, giving us the privilege of clinging to Christ alone. By taking from us our false confidences, He removes our shackles of the fear of death, reminding us that all we ever needed or will ever need is Jesus. And witnessing the salvation of the Lord, our faith becomes sight. These moments of grace become ammunition in the arsenal of our memory of God’s faithfulness, that we might trust Him more readily in future battles of belief.

By growing our faith through these moments, the Lord uses us to be part of His deliverance of others. Your faith does just that for a woman tricked by culture into drinking the bitter water of abortion, believing it will assuage her thirsty soul. The souls of women and the lives of their preborn boys and girls are exposed to the searing desert sun of society. As we remember how our Lord has so often been our oasis, our faith’s branches extend to shade them.

It is the growth of the tree of your faith in God’s salvation that cut abortion in Rochester 50%. The fruit of your faith extends hope to the vulnerable in Buffalo where CompassCare reaches 1 in 3 women considering abortion. It is the great bough of the tree of your faith that has grown broad enough to adopt the plight of women and their babies in two more NY abortion hubs: the Capital Region and online through telemedicine.

Your faith in God remembers the roots of our salvation, and so believes. He has graciously given us memories of His salvation, memories not just for ourselves but for others too. He has given us these gifts to see through the darkness of a self-centered and crumbling society, not with dim worldly wisdom, but the bright eyes of faith—a sight to pierce the darkness. So it is that we believe Jesus will save more women and children from the horror of abortion in the nation’s abortion capital, New York State.

So, let us “Remember His wonders which He has done” (Ps. 105:5a) in 2021. And let us believe God to work through His people, beholding even more souls saved from destruction in the year to come.

In Christ,

Rev. James R. Harden, M.Div.

P.S. Continue remembering God’s salvation on behalf of women and their preborn girls and boys.

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