Supreme Court Signals End to Roe?

Supreme Court Signals End to Roe?

Is the Supreme Court signaling an end to Roe v Wade? After Mississippi passed the Gestational Age Act limiting abortion over 15 weeks gestation, an abortionist filed suit. The lower courts struck the law but the Attorney General of Mississippi appealed to the Supreme Court. The high court agreed to hear the case. This is surprising because the court has never before entertained abortion cases which restrict the practice prior to the age of viability, set at 24 weeks. Then Texas passed a bill, making all abortions after a heart beat is detectable illegal. The court refused a request for an emergency hearing. So, for the first time since Roe the Supreme Court has permitted a State, Texas, to almost completely ban the abortion.

After 48 years, is the Supreme Court letting the states decide the issue for themselves?

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