Supreme Court Takes Opportunity to Restrict Abortion?

The Supreme Court has repeatedly refused to allow individual states to ban abortion prior to 20-24 weeks gestation, typically considered the point of viability at which a child could survive outside of the womb. That may change. On May 17 the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case where a lower court nullified a Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks. The case, Jackson Women’s Health vs Dobbs asks the court to clarify lower court rulings that inconsistently define fetal viability which arbitrarily limits when a state has a right to protect women and their pre-born children from abortion.

VP of Appellate Advocacy at Alliance Defending Freedom, John Bursch said, “Viability has never been a legitimate way to determine a developing infant’s dignity or to decide anybody’s legal existence.” Is this the first crack in the wall of legal abortion?

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