Does Planned Parenthood Prioritize Abortion Over Women’s Health?

Planned Parenthood Federation released its annual report in February. According to one analysis, it appears, “…Planned Parenthood prioritizes abortion over women’s health.” The data reveals Planned Parenthood is responsible for 41 percent of all U.S. abortions (354,871), their all-time high. U.S. abortion rates declined over the last 20 years, yet Planned Parenthood has seen a 94 percent increase in abortions over the same period. Meanwhile, over the last ten years “…Planned Parenthood has provided significantly fewer [women’s] health services…” reductions by as much as 72 percent. What is even more astounding is that 38% of all the organization’s income is derived from federal tax payer dollars, $618.1 million.

Planned Parenthood’s aspirations are not limited to abortion either. The 2021 legislative priorities of their political action arm include weaponizing the New York State legislature in a smear campaign against their only competition: Pro-life pregnancy centers.

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