“I’m Not Getting Rid of Them…”

Jen’s life is filled with new pressures because of COVID-19. As she adjusts to life as a first-time mom while struggling financially, she discovers she is pregnant again. Sleepless nights ensue as Jen considered what to do about this new life within her. Finding CompassCare online, she called for an appointment.

In the exam room, Jen tearfully shared the overwhelming fear she is experiencing as a new mom. She admitted she would feel more confident not aborting if her boyfriend supported her. But due to his lack of commitment, she sees abortion as her only choice. Yet, even as Jen told CompassCare’s nurse that she feels she is bearing the weight of her decision alone she revealed, “I won’t abort a baby with a heartbeat!”

Because Jen is in the early days of her pregnancy, her ultrasound only exposed a tiny gestational sac with no discernable heartbeat. Her boyfriend, now in the room, seemed disengaged. When her nurse asked how she is feeling, Jen replied, “Killing my baby is hard.” She went on to explain that the baby is part of her and it is hard to even think of “getting rid of it.”

Jen allowed her nurse to pray for her. After prayer, Jen said, “God allows things to happen for a reason, but I just don’t know what to do.” She scheduled a return appointment for test results and another ultrasound to confirm viability.

A few days later, Jen’s nurse called to see how she is doing. Jen told her she is determined to abort because of how overwhelmed she feels. She appreciated the call and agreed to keep her follow-up appointment at CompassCare.

Jen came for her second appointment and received another ultrasound, her pregnancy had progressed to the point where her nurse could see, not one, but two healthy babies growing inside her! Feeling resolved now to carry her pregnancy to term and raise her children, Jen said, “I’m not getting rid of them! Besides I’ve always wanted twins.” 

Her nurse shared the Gospel with her in that moment and Jen prayed to receive Christ. Jen told her nurse that with God’s help, she knows she can be a good mother to her twins.

Disclaimer: Names and details have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

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