Planned Parenthood Accused of Paycheck Protection Fraud, CBS Reports

38 Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide received more that $80 million in the Federal Government Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). According to a CBS news report the Small Business Association (SBA) managing the program concluded Planned Parenthood affiliates should return the funds stating they are ‘ineligible for a PPP loan under the affiliation rules and size standards….”

Darkening the storm clouds for Planned Parenthood, a group of Senators led by Mitch McConnell  accuse the organization of fraud, requesting an investigation by the Attorney General. If pursued and found guilty Planned Parenthood Federation could face civil and criminal penalties.

It is curious why an organization that pays their affiliate executives hundreds of thousands of dollars per year boasting thousands of employees could view themselves as a ‘small business.’ Also, how many small businesses have $80 million in payroll expenses?

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