Abortion Industry on Life-Support?

Is the abortion industry in America on life-support? According to a recent industry analysis the category of Family Planning and Abortion Clinics is thriving. Yet their primary source of income is from the underserved population via tax-payer funded Medicaid. Politicians increasing required health care and health insurance coverage for ‘Family Planning Services’ is one of the primary drivers of the increased revenues. Another major source of revenue into the abortion industry is billionaire philanthropists, as men like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett dump millions of dollars into both national abortion measures. One article states, “If you could snap your fingers and rid the world of billionaire philanthropists instantly…only the rich would have access to [abortion].”

Is it right to permit the rich and politically powerful to co-opt the will of the electorate?

This real abortion news update is sponsored by CompassCare. For a full transcript go to realabortionnews.com.

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