Judge Fines Journalist $2.3 Million for Blowing Whistle On Planned Parenthood

Jerilee Bennett/The Gazette, via Associated Press

There is an on-going criminal investigation of at least ten Planned Parenthood affiliates by the U.S. Justice Department for the illegal trafficking of aborted baby body parts. The investigation was sparked after undercover journalist David Daleiden released videos of Planned Parenthood officials negotiating those sales and describing the late-term abortion procedures for filling the body part orders.

After Daleiden was cleared of any wrongdoing, Planned Parenthood leveled a retaliatory lawsuit against him with a Judge who has known ties to Planned Parenthood. In a ruling on November 15 Judge Orrick ordered the journalists to pay Planned Parenthood $2.3 million in damages for his whistle blowing.

 Daleiden’s attorney explains, “This case…tests the sacred tenet of freedom of the press…I am confident that we will win on appeal.”

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