Governor Cuomo Leaves CompassCare No Choice But to Sue

New York Senate bill S660 (aka Boss Bill) was signed into law by Governor Cuomo on Friday, November 8. The bill makes it illegal for pro-life organizations to hire and manage employees based on pro-life beliefs. CompassCare has no other choice but to sue Governor Cuomo as this bill threatens the organization’s very existence. This law is a trifecta of constitutional violations, hindering freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of association. CompassCare is asking the courts to reverse this intolerant, coercive, and discriminatory law.

CompassCare’s legal team has been monitoring this bill since it was first passed back in January, along with the now infamous Reproductive Health Act. To be clear, obeying this law would force CompassCare to violate its mission and beliefs. CompassCare cannot in good conscience obey this law. We sue not because we want to but because it is needed to ensure pro-life Christians can continue expressing their convictions publicly and peaceably.

It is heartening to remember that Christians throughout history faced the coercive pressure of government and yet remained faithful to God’s calling.

“And when they had summoned them, they commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. But Peter and John answered and said to them, ‘Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than to God, you be the judge; for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.'” Acts 4:18-20

Please pray for wisdom, guidance, and the resources necessary to ensure that Christians in NY can still express their pro-life convictions without penalty.

6 comments on “Governor Cuomo Leaves CompassCare No Choice But to Sue”

  1. Laurie Symonds Reply

    I am so disappointed with the NYS legislature and governor for passing crazy laws. They keep taking away freedom from New Yorkers and yet people keep voting them in. I pray for the success of the lawsuit.

  2. Hermine Dow Reply

    Be sure to let people know how they can support you…letters to representatives, etc. The more specific, the better…

  3. Sandra James Reply

    Praying for everyone at Compasscare. We had a church prayer meeting last night and prayed for this situation.

  4. Jan Reply

    It amazes me that an Italian Governor is so blatantly repulsive and goes against all common sense! How does he keep getting voted in? Must be all the Leftists that have taken over NY. Boy,,, am I glad I moved out of NY before it was turned really evil by the present administration!

  5. Earl Wallace Reply

    America’s struggle is between people who have a 10 Commandments value system and those who don’t. Neither the democratic, nor republican parties are run by people who have a Ten Commandments value system.

    It is impossible to be “Constitutionally righteous” apart from understanding the inalienable rights with which we are endowed by our Creator, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, are what God secures for us in the Ten Commandments. For instance we have a 10 Commandment #6 right to not be murdered. Each Commandment safeguards a right!

    Our rights also actually are safe guarded by the 10 Bill of Rights in the US Constitution, which were designed to compel people in government to treat we-the-people according to the “natural rights” God secures through His 10 Commandments.

    View “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” at: to see how America was founded upon the application of the Bible to civics, and what we must do to evangelize and restore our beloved USA by getting reestablished in the Bible philosophy from which our Constitution was crafted.

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