CompassCare Sues New York State

CompassCare is suing New York State for violating its freedom of religion, speech, and association.

On January 22, 2019 the Legislature passed SB 660, aka the “Boss Bill.” SB 660 prevents CompassCare from employing people who believe and behave consistently with the religious beliefs and mission of the organization. SB 660 forces this violation of constitutional rights under threat of enforcement and crippling lawsuits.

SB 660 requires CompassCare—and other like religious and pro-life organizations—to promote and normalize, to its employees, abortion and standards of sexual conduct that run counter to its purpose, statements of faith, and principles.

Pro-life staff at CompassCare empower women considering abortion with comprehensive information and support, so they can make the healthiest decision. SB 660 reveals the true intent of New York State; to ensure a woman has no other choice but abortion.

This real abortion news update is sponsored by CompassCare. For a full transcript go to

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