Abortionist Behaves Like a Serial Killer

On September 3rd Indiana abortionist Ulrich Klopher died. On September 12th the remains of 2,246 aborted babies were found in his garage in Illinois. The Attorneys General for both Illinois and Indiana agreed to work together on their investigations into the gruesome revelation more akin to serial killers than doctors.

Attorney Steve Aden of Americans United for Life said, “We’re all aware (or should be) of the horrors committed by abortionist Kermit Gosnell at his clinic in Philadelphia. But Gosnell wasn’t the beginning of the terrible story of abortion in America, and Ulrich Klopher won’t be the end of it.”

The purpose of medicine is to heal. Given the abortion industry’s sordid history of fraud, abuse, malpractice, and death, the Klopher case is a striking reminder that abortion is the opposite of true medical care.

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