Largest Pro-life Event in NY


CompassCare’s annual Walk for Life is happening in Rochester on May 5th. The largest pro-life event of its kind in New York, with scores of churches and thousands of sponsors and walkers, raises both the awareness and funds required for CompassCare to erase the need for abortion one woman at a time.

The Walk helps the community to invest in the lifesaving medical care and support crucial to free a woman to have her baby who would otherwise feel trapped into thinking abortion is her only option.

Jim Harden President of CompassCare says, “We are excited about what is happening in Rochester. True choice only exists when a woman is free to say no to abortion.”

Since 2008 abortion in Rochester has dropped 49% while pregnancy rates remain relatively stable.

To become a walker or to sponsor one, go to Real abortion news is sponsored by CompassCare.

2 comments on “Largest Pro-life Event in NY”

  1. Bill L Fox Reply

    We are a small church and would like to know what we would have to do to be involved in this wonderful walk. Thank

    • Daniel Tomlinson Reply

      Hi Bill. Sorry, I am just seeing this now. Please email Daniel ( or call the office at 585-232-3894. We would love to connect with you and talk about how you can be part of it. Thanks!

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