Indiana Bans Discriminatory Abortions…Kind Of

If a baby is aborted because of its gender, is that sexism? If a baby is aborted because of a genetic disorder like Down Syndrome, is that discrimination?

In 2016, Indiana passed a law banning abortion based on sex, race, and genetic abnormalities. Recently, U.S. District Court Judge Pratt granted Planned Parenthood’s request for a permanent injunction against that bill. Parents may continue aborting their children based on personal opinions about human perfection.

And then you have Courtney Baker. Her doctor pressured her to abort but she and her husband are grateful they did not share the doctor’s hopeless outlook knowing what they know now; their Down Syndrome baby is perfect.

Isn’t every child, regardless of sex, race, or genetics, equally human? If not, who gets to decide which ones aren’t?  

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