Free Abortion Means More Abortion

Illinois recently passed a bill permitting State Medicaid to pay for abortion. Will ‘free’ abortion increase abortion rates?

Recent Polls show the majority of Americans, including those that identify as pro-choice, oppose public funding of abortion. The Federal government reflects the will of the people on this with the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment restricts the use of federal tax dollars backing abortion. This amendment to the appropriations bill has been passed, and signed annually since 1976 enjoying significant bipartisan support.

A 2009 Guttmacher literature review reveals that “18-37% of pregnancies that would have ended in Medicaid funded abortions were carried to term when funding was no longer available.” To illustrate: 47% of abortions in NY are paid for by Medicaid. And NY is the abortion capital of the U.S.

The formula is simple: Free abortion equals more abortions.

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