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Many are not aware that a California court dismissed 14 of 15 charges brought by California Attorney General against journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt for their expose of Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking in aborted baby body parts, or that private pharmacists in Washington State are being forced against their convictions to dispense abortion-causing drugs or risk closure (the Supreme Court refused to hear their case), or that medical providers in IL must either refer or provide abortion or face professional misconduct lawsuits, or that NY Gov. Cuomo desires to enshrine abortion as a fundamental human right in the NYS Constitution.

If abortion is nothing more than mundane, safe, medical procedures, why all the coercive government force? Why the brow beating of those journalists who simply pull back the veil, push past the abstract reproductive choice rhetoric simply to show and tell the shop talk of the abortion biz? Why threaten the livelihood of pharmacists with closure? Why create dark cloud legislation lurking behind every medical practice in IL? Why make a medical procedure a fundamental human right equal to things like freedom of religion when at best only half the population could ever exercise that ‘right’? Is a doctor’s right to practice his religion always and everywhere trumped by a woman’s right to abortion? And whose right is it to choose that one?

Abortion is the major flash point in our society today not so much because of the procedures and their gruesome outcome but because of a fundamental disagreement about how we answer one simple question: What is a human? Put another way, who is a person?

Because of the philosophical nature of this puzzle news agencies tend only to focus on the outrageous power struggle over which side gets to dictate their moral philosophy upon the masses. This is not a battle over right and wrong but a battle over whether right and wrong even exist and if they do whose version of right and wrong will rule.

This news spot is designed to arm you with greater depth perspective about abortion, to see beyond what the currently clogged news filtration apparatus will let through.

When it comes to the nature of what it means to be human the news is anemic, imprecise. As soon as the abortion temperature rises to the level of media awareness, somehow the iron facts melt into the abstract dross of political quips strung together like a row of listless cows by an algae packed pond on a mid-summer afternoon.

It is not really their fault…it is the air they breathe, the culture they live in. The thoughtless condition is reversible. So if a breath of fresh air is needed, it must come from somewhere outside. Let us open the widow. This ‘Real Abortion News’ from the outside.

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