CompassCare’s Forced Relocation (aka Expansion 2017)

Expansion 2017CompassCare is being forced to relocate! We need your help to ensure CompassCare’s life-saving services are not interrupted or suspended.

After years of a great landlord/tenant relationship, the building in which CompassCare is located changed hands this past summer. This occurred just as CompassCare’s long term lease was set to expire on February 28, 2017. We began the standard lease renegotiation process with the new landlord in July of 2016. After making no progress in attaining a formal lease proposal from the landlord, by October we thought it prudent to consider other location options, given the worst-case scenario of not being able to stay in the current office space.

While researching the prospects, the team quickly realized that CompassCare could actually save a lot of money by purchasing an office instead of continuing to rent. But being familiar with the difficulty of a relocation effort, we continued to try and work with our new landlord. However, on December 8 the landlord sent notification that CompassCare would NOT even be granted a lease extension and would need to vacate the office space by February 28, 2017! This leaves us with precious little time.

Thankfully, CompassCare found a suitable location to purchase. This new building will suit CompassCare’s needs as we continue to grow in our ability to serve women considering abortion AND expand training efforts to help other Pregnancy Centers nationwide reach and serve more abortion-minded women more effectively. So it seems we can say with Joseph that what may have been meant for evil against us, “God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive” (Genesis 50:20b).

By purchasing a property on West Henrietta Road (about a mile from our current location), CompassCare could save approximately $1.3 million in rental costs over a 20 year period! This frees up more money for direct mission services. Every $1 invested in the purchase of an office in 2017 will reduce CompassCare’s long-term facility costs by $3. In order for CompassCare to purchase the $300,000 property, renovate, and move in within the VERY tight two month timeline, without interrupting our life-saving mission services, $73,603 is needed by January 31.

Please consider a one-time gift toward Expansion 2017, over and above your normal financial commitment to ensure CompassCare’s mission critical services continue uninterrupted.

On behalf of the women CompassCare serves and the babies we help them have, thank you for considering additional support during this critical moment in CompassCare’s history.

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