“I had no idea the heart starts beating so early.”

heartbeatLisa is a mother of two and wasn’t expecting to get pregnant. After the initial shock wore off, Lisa went to her computer to locate an abortion clinic that could “take care of things” right away. She discovered CompassCare and called the number listed. After talking with the CompassCare scheduler for a few minutes, she realized she would not be able to get the abortion procedure she wanted. The scheduler reminded Lisa that the services provided by CompassCare are not only required to confirm the viability of her pregnancy but they are also all free and delivered by competent and compassionate medical professionals. Lisa hesitantly agreed and secretly hoped she would be referred to an abortion agency at the close of her appointment. CompassCare was able to see her that same afternoon.

The first question Lisa asked upon arriving was whether or not she would be able to get a referral to an abortion clinic. The nurse gently let her know that CompassCare does not refer patients for abortion. Lisa, satisfied with the answer, continued on with the appointment. She confessed to her nurse that she felt overwhelmed, completely alone, and therefore couldn’t possibly consider having a baby at this time in her life. Lisa quietly read the literature given to her by the nurse concerning the facts about abortion and remarked, “I had no idea the heart starts beating so early.” She agreed to an ultrasound and was startled to see that there were two gestational sacs on the screen. Lisa was carrying twins. She began to weep.

After the ultrasound Lisa confided to her nurse, “I just don’t know how to process all of this. I don’t have any support at all.” When asked why she was so conflicted about having an abortion, she replied, “Because life is beautiful. And I think I will regret [getting an abortion].” The nurse spoke with Lisa about adoption as an option to consider, and then shared the many agency referrals that might serve as some support for her during this critical time. Her nurse offered to make a connection with a woman from a MotherCare church and Lisa agreed, knowing she was desperate for emotional support.

Finally, Lisa heard about a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. She listened intently and agreed that it was time to give her life over to the Lord, trusting Him in the midst of her current pressures and the decision that lay before her. Lisa prayed, asking God for help, hope, and peace. When it was time to end the appointment, Lisa was in tears and expressed to her nurse how very grateful she was for the appointment. “You have given me hope; I really think I can do this.”

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  1. Peggy Heerkens Reply

    This article and the cover article are spot on. Thank you for all you do. I have referred two people to your agency in two weeks. happy they have a place to go.

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