“My life will never be the same.”

Mandy grew up as an orphan in the middle the city. Alone and unloved for much of her childhood, she learned early on that she needed to look out for herself because no one else would. Mandy grew up determined to make something of herself. As soon as she was old enough, Mandy started working multiple jobs and moved into her own apartment. The plan was to save money and go to college…until she discovered she was pregnant.

Being pregnant was not in Mandy’s plan. And it brought with it bouts of severe nausea and vomiting, making it difficult for her to work. She eventually lost all three of her jobs and was forced from her apartment because she couldn’t make rent. Mandy found herself unemployed, homeless…and pregnant. At a friend’s suggestion, Mandy looked into getting an abortion but had no money and no insurance.

Mandy was at her wit’s end and desperately prayed to God for help, not knowing if He was even real or listening. This was not the life she wanted and fought for and she felt utterly defeated. Soon after praying, she stumbled upon a CompassCare ad and called to make an appointment.

Mandy felt immediately comfortable with her nurse and poured out her life story and current circumstances to her. Mandy’s nurse listened intently to her story of struggle and pain. She gently presented all that CompassCare could offer her in terms of support and resources. During the ultrasound, upon seeing her healthy 10-week-old baby moving and waving on the screen, Mandy wept with joy. Seeing Mandy’s determination evidenced in her face, her nurse asked her what she thought about what she just saw. Mandy declared firmly and confidently, “I’m going to keep my baby…somehow I am going to make it work. He needs me.”

Mandy and her nurse reviewed several valuable parenting resources. And then, with tears of wonder in her eyes, she listened to her nurse share of God’s great love for her and how He sent Jesus to die so that she could live in relationship with Him forever. Mandy eagerly prayed for the free gift of salvation, confessing both her own sin and desperate need for the Lord’s mercy and help. When she finished, Mandy looked up at the nurse, smiled radiantly and gasped, “My life will never be the same.”

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