Barbarity: The New Normal?

We are each confronted with facts every day…the same facts, in fact. Facts like the falling price of gas, cold Factstemperatures, and bad television. Those facts often impact decisions like filling up the family hauler for the first time in six years, or deciding to wear an Alaskan parka instead of that measly wool winter coat, or exercising restraint by not throwing the remote at the talking head on the TV screen.

Notice though, that the facts just described require interpretation using both immediate personal circumstances, like body temperature or finances, as well as a general filter of ideas about the world (i.e. concepts of right and wrong). The fact that the human body does not like being cold and will shut down if not warmed back up is a detail of science that does not care if you or I believe it. Nor is the falling cost of a barrel of crude oil just so for the purpose of comforting a family’s checking account. They are simply facts that may or may not require a response.

So why is it so different when the talking head on TV tells the viewership that abortion should be celebrated in order for women to control their bodies and experience financial equality? Is it because the propagation of the Gas Pumpnext generation of humanity ought to be afforded more consideration than the effects of a polar vortex and dollars at the fuel pump? It used to be that if one person had full control over the life of another weaker person it was called slavery. Well, what do we call it when one generation has control over the lives of all generations to come and is making decisions about those successive generations based on a short-sighted maintenance of their current or hoped-for standard of living?

And herein lies the problem: Society’s value of human dignity is dwindling. When this happens we begin to lose sight of the sacrosanct nature of each person, using and disposing of them to the greatest extent allowed by law. Women become commodified objects of pleasure and sex trafficking thrives, divorce levels out but only because marriage declines, children are seen as financial liabilities rather than bearers of the torch of God’s image, the elderly are warehoused or ‘euthanized,’ and the terminally ill are offered compassion in the form of doctor prescribed death. When we forget what it means to be a person, barbarity becomes the new normal. When we forget the purpose of man, we lose any basis for virtue. All we have left are animal instincts: what I feel…now. And if that is all we have and are asked to abide by, then we are all slaves: to the indiscriminate passion of the judge or the legislative body, to the fickle mob that elected them, and to our own sin now called freedom. The loss of the belief that we are made just a little lower than God, can only end in culture cannibalizing itself, ironically in the name of equality and individual rights.

Furthermore, while abortion is certainly legal and accepted by most of western ‘civilization,’ a woman facing unplanned pregnancy still struggles between the proverbial rock and a hard place, hardly a description of liberty. "Rock, Hard Place" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.Abortion does not represent her freedom but rather her servility to her circumstances. She is not free to terminate her pregnancy; she is forced to do so by a litany of cultural pressures and manipulative relationships. Most women feel that any outcome of her unplanned pregnancy represents a tragic ending of someone’s life, either the baby’s or her own.

When viewed through the lens of human meaning, true compassion means empowering a woman with actual choice. Giving her the ability to choose the most difficult option, to have her child, is the only honest way to support women at-risk for abortion. The fact is that being present for every woman by providing her with comprehensive information, support, ethical medical care, and follow up is a truly humane way to deal with the abortion epidemic in America and worldwide. And CompassCare is doing just that.

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