“I called you…because I trust you.”

Lora first came to CompassCare on a sunny day in March. She was undecided about what she was going to but was leaning towards getting an abortion. She told her nurse she believes abortion is wrong but with tears in her eyes said she feels trapped…by a bad relationship with the father of the baby, with no support, and she’s unemployed while supporting three kids by herself. Her nurse gave her all the information and resources CompassCare has to offer but Lora left still undecided and weighed down with all the pressure of her circumstances. During a follow-up call, Lora haltingly told her nurse that she had a surgical abortion and instantly started sobbing.

Fast forward to October, Lora is sitting in the same room with the same nurse as back in March, thinking she may be pregnant again. She asks her nurse, “Do you remember me?  I was your patient [a couple months ago].” She starts crying and tearfully tells her nurse how much she regrets getting an abortion. She said she knew it was wrong and she really did not want to go through with it but she could not see past all her problems.

Looking to learn, her nurse asked if there was anything that she could have done differently at her first appointment in March. Lora replied, “No, I didn’t hear a lot of what you said to me [then] because I was so overwhelmed….But I called this time because I trust you and wanted to come back and get help with this pregnancy.”

Lora is now almost six weeks pregnant. She has asked God for forgiveness and has given her life to Him. She spoke freely with her nurse about her newfound faith and the process she is going through with forgiveness and healing. Her circumstances are the same as before but she said that He is helping her through every day. “If He wasn’t,” she confessed, “I could easily be swallowed up by my circumstances again.”

Her life is starting to be more grounded now as Lora is making a whole host of good decisions now that she made the Best Decision. She is attending night school to get her high school diploma, she has several job opportunities lined up, and she ended the abusive relationship she was in.  Lora is a woman transformed from where she was just a few months ago. She gives all the glory to God, “I don’t know where I’d be if [God] hadn’t grabbed a hold of me like He did. I am so grateful He led me to CompassCare!”

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