Alexis’ Story

Alexis shifted uncomfortably in her seat at the church she was visiting. She had been invited to watch a special production highlighting various critical events in a person’s life. The first skit was put on by two women – one considering abortion, while the other was the friend helping her find courage to choose life. During the skit, the memory of her recent abortion flooded Alexis’ mind and heart until it spilled out in uncontrollable sobs of regret. Those nearby, quickly gathered around her to pray with her, but Alexis never told anyone the dark reality – that she chose to have an abortion just months before. Through her weeping, she prayed for God’s forgiveness and asked for strength to go on.

Four months later, Alexis stared in disbelief at yet another positive pregnancy test. “How could I let this happen again?” Alexis was initially resistant to the idea of having another abortion, but wanted to talk to her boyfriend about it first. When she did, she discovered that the father of her preborn child had no interest in supporting her. Lost and confused, Alexis confessed her struggle to a friend at work. That friend encouraged her to call CompassCare right away.

Alexis poured out her story to the nurse she met at CompassCare and during the course of the appointment was able to gain some clarity on the struggle she was experiencing in her heart. “I know I shouldn’t have an abortion, but I can’t do this without the support of my boyfriend. I don’t know what to do.” During the ultrasound, Alexis immediately felt a connection with the little baby she saw on the monitor. At the sound of the baby’s tiny heartbeat, she told the nurse she was more open to the idea of continuing her pregnancy.

Later that week, Alexis began to second guess her decision to have the baby. Her boyfriend was clearly becoming more and more distant; making sure Alexis knew he would not be supporting the baby if she chose to continue her pregnancy. Overwhelmed and contrary to her how she felt, she made an appointment for an abortion at Planned Parenthood. While she considered the prospect of going through the procedure, she decided to contact CompassCare and talk to a nurse one more time. The CompassCare prayer team went to work, as the life of Alexis’ baby weighed in the balance. On the morning of her scheduled abortion, Alexis walked into CompassCare. She said she just wanted to talk.

At this crucial appointment, the nurse helped Alexis clarify the tension she was feeling. On the one hand, she didn’t want to raise a baby without the support of her boyfriend; on the other hand, she had to admit that what she carried inside was actually a life – her baby boy or girl who is worth protecting and blessing. Alexis agreed to another ultrasound and seeing her growing child, she came to her final conclusion. “With or without him – I need to keep this baby.”

Alexis cancelled her appointment with Planned Parenthood and is currently connecting with MotherCare team members who will walk with her through this pregnancy and beyond.

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