Maria and Tom’s Story

Maria made an appointment at CompassCare recently and was quite determined to get an abortion.  She told the nurse, “I just started a new job and I’m just not ready to raise a child.” She and her boyfriend Tom, who was present for the appointment, were using two methods of birth control when she got pregnant—the patch and condoms. Tom and Maria were in the exam together while the nurse performed the ultrasound, which revealed a healthy, active 7 week old baby.  The baby’s heart was heard beating strongly by everyone in the room. But Maria was adamant about receiving an abortion and said that it was her only choice because of her circumstances.  She scheduled a return appointment in order to get her STD results and left CompassCare planning on terminating once she had received those results. A PrayerNet was sent out immediately asking for prayer for her and for Tom.

Maria did not show up for her return appointment and based on her adamant desire to abort when she left CompassCare it seemed quite likely she had an abortion.  However, her STD test revealed that she had contracted an STD, and therefore it was crucial that CompassCare get in touch with her to give her the information and treatment she needed to protect her health. Thankfully, Maria agreed to return for treatment but informed her nurse that she was still strongly considering abortion and refused to get another ultrasound.  Maria’s nurse strongly encouraged her to inform Tom about her STD so that he could also get tested and treated. Maria agreed to tell him.

Tom promptly arrived the following week for his own appointment.  He was very open with the nurse and expressed concern for his own health.  He agreed with the assessment that his current sexual lifestyle was not particularly in keeping with his personal goals toward health and wholeness.  He returned one week later to discover he was negative but was still concerned. He requested all the STD testing that CompassCare provides for male patients.  Tom returned for his final results the following week and was profoundly relieved to discover that he was negative for all of the tests.  He smiled, shook the nurse’s hand, and told her, “I also want you to know that I’m going to ask Maria to marry me soon and we’re going to parent this baby.”

Tom and Maria found themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy because of the failure of birth control and found uncommon hope that they could live healthy and whole lives through CompassCare’s transformational services.

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