“Whoever Saves One Life Saves the World Entire”

America’s abortion laws are some of the most inhumane on Earth. European, South American and African countries all have stronger laws protecting pre-born children and their mothers. Knowing that America has altogether dehumanized the pre-born boy and girl encouraging an ‘anything goes’ mentality, the great challenge of our day may prove to be the greatest challenge of all time. We must accept this destiny as from the sovereign hand of God as we rise to meet this challenge with wisdom and courage. The cause of protecting the child and insulating the mother from coercive pressure falls to you and me. If there were ever a mission worth continuously improving, it is the mission of helping women at risk for abortion to have their babies.

to-the-dump-1-1005156-sWomen living in a throw-away culture like America’s are often defenseless against the pressure to abort an unplanned pregnancy. They are coerced with false time pressure, no information, misinformation, anti-family careerism, and posh standard-of-living expectations. Politics, education, medicine, media, and even sometimes and sadly the church conspire to justify this violent mutilation done upon her and her child. To dehumanize, like the Supreme Court did to babies in the Roe vs. Wade decision, in order to justify the destruction of that class of persons, degrades not just the babies and the mothers, but all of us. If we as humans do not place definitive value on each other as created just a little under God, then there is no end to the violence we will justify, legalize, and perpetrate to accomplish our selfish goals.

CompassCare empowers a woman with a vision of her future after having a child, standing not just for women and children but for all humanity. An ancient Hebrew teaching states that,success “Whoever saves one life save the world entire.” Unlike abortionists, CompassCare is marching to the beat of a different cultural drum having to fight to reach and effectively serve every single patient, each of whom is desperate for ethical medical care. Therefore, CompassCare must be brutally honest when assessing how its current services are reaching and serving women. After that the team develops a plan to modify existing services or add new ones to get even better at reaching and serving women at risk for abortion. That plan is then implemented. After that the team reassesses. This is CompassCare’s dedication. Because human life is worth every great thought and every small thought dedicated to protecting it. Protecting human life is worth the hard work and resources needed to improve existing services and it is worth taking the risk on a new plan that has never before been tried. So we constantly scan the horizon for opportunities; assess, develop, implement, reassess, and do it all over again to save just one more life. To say to the world, “This one life stands for us all under God and made in His image!”

Women don’t have abortions because the societies in which they live respect their rights or choice. Women have abortions because they are told in a thousand different ways that they are on their own. Women feel as though unplanned pregnancy is a life or death situation. She says to herself, “It is either my life or the baby’s life.” She feels that her life as she knows it will be over if she allows the pregnancy to continue. After all, abortion is not about choice but fear, not about freedom but society’s choice not to support women who find themselves pregnant.

So CompassCare seeks to erase a woman’s perceived need for abortion by transforming her fear into confidence with services and support that are relevant to her, now. And in a changing culture the definition of what is relevant changes and so must we. There is no improvement too small that CompassCare will not implement, like testing another online marketing track to reach a few more women. There is no innovation too big that CompassCare will not try, like adding a mobile medical unit to serve even more women. Every woman insulated and every life protected shouts the message that all human life is valuable and must be dignified with protection.

By God’s grace the abortion rate is coming down dramatically in Rochester. This is because of God’s grace in people like you, working sacrificially for the future of the human race. Changing a culture is always messy, unpopular, and uncomfortable work. But it is always worth it. Thank you for all you do to erase the need for abortion.

Thank God our time is now when wrong

Comes up to face us everywhere,

Never to leave us till we take

The longest stride of soul men every took.

                                                -Christopher Fry

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