Sharon’s Story

Sharon came to CompassCare distraught and extremely conflicted. She had taken the first pill for a medical abortion at a local abortion clinic and immediately regretted having done so. She desperately started looking for help from local OB/GYNs and hospitals and eventually found

CompassCare is listed on the abortion pill reversal website as a provider and Sharon quickly called the CompassCare helpline to make an appointment. Thankfully the nurses were able to see her that very night. In order for the reversal to be effective in sustaining the pregnancy, the patient must receive treatment within 72 hours of taking the first pill. Sharon was able to be seen within minutes of her first phone call.

As the nurses discussed the treatment with her, Sharon was eager to begin as she was nervous about whether her baby was going to survive. The treatment is extensive and involves returning to receive injections every day for three days, then every other day for two weeks, and then twice a week until she is 12 weeks along.

A fetal heartbeat was NOT seen on ultrasound during Sharon’s initial appointment. She was approximately 6 weeks along and the nurse assured her that it wasn’t unusual to not be able to detect a heartbeat that early. She left nervous and distraught but with hope that she would still be able to reverse the effects of her initial decision.

When Sharon returned the next day for her second treatment, an ultrasound was performed and a strong, clear heartbeat was picked up on the machine! The nurses and Sharon rejoiced together at this sign of life.

Please pray for Sharon, her boyfriend and the baby as they are not out of the woods yet. Pray that she will be able to complete all of her treatments. At this writing, Sharon has come to four appointments for her treatments and the baby’s heart is beating strongly.

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