Renee’s Story

Renee came directly to CompassCare from an appointment at Planned Parenthood. She had been denied care because she did not have health insurance and so came for CompassCare’s free services. Renee had done some research online and was extremely concerned about the possible harm that might have been done to her baby from drug abuse. Because of this Renee was very abortion minded, stating that there was no way she was going to bring a “handicapped child” into the world, saying it would be “irresponsible.”

When the ultrasound was performed, two tiny babies appeared on the screen with two distinct heart beats. Renee was approximately seven weeks pregnant at this point. Renee’s eyes got huge when she saw that she was pregnant with TWINS. She told the nurse that this changed everything and that she was going to seriously rethink her decision to abort.

The CompassCare nurse asked if she could contact a local OB/GYN for Renee and set-up an appointment for her. Renee agreed. Her visit with the OB/GYN was helpful for her as she discovered that her babies were healthy and had not been affected by the drugs.

CompassCare followed up with Renee after her OB/GYN appointment and her nurse was overjoyed to hear that Renee had decided to continue her pregnancy! The twins were doing well and Renee said she was hoping to be drug free in another week.

When she came back in, she was not the same woman that had arrived at CompassCare just a few weeks before. She was ecstatic about being drug free and glowing over being the mother of two lively little babies. Together the nurse and Renee watched the babies moving around on the screen and heard their strong heart beats on the Doppler. Renee, thanking the nurse over and over again said, “I don’t even want to think about where I would be if I hadn’t come here.”

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