Victory! Cuomo’s Abortion Expansion Bill Defeated



After extending the legislative session through Friday in an attempt to force a vote for the abortion expansion bill deviously entitled the ‘Women’s Equality Act’ the 32 Senators voted not to take it up the abortion plank. The Assembly refused to pass the Women’s Equality Act without the abortion expansion plank which demonstrates again their real agenda, abortion.

This bill would have represented the largest expansion of abortion since the 1973 Supreme Court Case Roe vs Wade and it was defeated in New York, the abortion capital of the United States! Thanks to your support the Senate recognized that the majority of New Yorkers are actually pro-life.

It was a hard won battle but by God’s grace you did it! A special thanks to Jason McGuire of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms for leading the charge with New Yorkers for Life as well as Greg Pfundstein at the Chiaroscuro Foundation, Kathleen Gallagher and the New York Catholic Conference, American’s United for Life, Alliance Defending Freedom, Christian Medical and Dental Association, and many others like you who gave, prayed, sacrificed, volunteered, wrote, called, tweeted, listened, yelled, whispered, drove, walked, etc. Thousands of babies will now be alive because of your efforts.

Congratulations and Praise God for His goodness.