ObamaCare Forces You to Directly Pay for Abortion

Forced Compliance Vs. Rights of Conscience

According to an analysis by both Americans United for Life and the Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) the new ‘Affordable Care Act’ also known as ObamaCare forces all Americans not only to purchase insurance that pays for abortion and abortion-causing birth control but even worse forces each plan member to pay a fee directly from your paycheck for what is called the ‘Abortion Premium Mandate.’ This fee goes into effect with all plans that renew after August 1st, 2012 (just a few days away). This fee will go directly to a fund that covers the cost of all elective abortion (enough to fund 2 million abortions per year over the current 1.2 million actually occurring in the U.S. annually). Refusal to participate incurs steep financial penalties for both employers and individuals.

To read the full analysis by the Alliance Defending Freedom click here: ObamaCare-and-its-Mandates

Americans United for Life is encouraging people to support a piece of legislation called “Respect for Rights of Conscience Act” (HR 1179, S 1467) which would not allow the government to coerce an individual to violate his/her moral or religious conscience by forcing them to pay for abortion or abortion-causing contraception. Click here for more information.