Forced Contraception Reveals Obamacare Not Really About Healthcare Reform

Proverbs 23:10 says, “Do not move the ancient boundary or go into the fields of the fatherless.” Planned Parenthood, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Obama Administration, Healthcare Reform, Forced Contraception, Religious Liberty: What do all these words have in common? The inevitable social cost of abortion. So what exactly does abortion cost? The obvious answer is that it costs a woman on average $600. But what lies beneath the popular debate is much more insidious.

 We know abortion also costs a woman her health. Breast cancer incidences have increased 40% since 1973, the year preborn children were deemed nonhuman and abortion became acceptable. 52 of 68 epidemiological studies show abortion as an independent risk factor for breast cancer.1 Planned Parenthood’s marketing ploy of sex without consequence creates an expectation for the use of contraceptive devices and steroidal ‘hormone therapies.’ Women using oral contraceptives have been found to have a 2.5X increased risk of triple negative breast cancer (the worst kind).2 In fact the World Health Organization lists the estrogen/progesterone ‘hormonal’ contraception as a Group 1 carcinogen in the same category as plutonium.3 Not to mention the fact that oral contraceptives can and do cause abortion, often without a woman ever knowing it. It is clear that abortion and oral contraceptives are major predictors if not direct contributors to the breast cancer epidemic. And then there is the well known and longstanding knowledge that abortion increases the risk of future pre-term deliveries and complications of ‘wanted’ pregnancies by 300-500%.4 Abortion causes a condition called ‘incompetent cervix’ whereby damage is done by forcing the cervix open weakening the ability of the cervix to retain future pregnancies to full term. Thank you March of Dimes for all your help in raising awareness around and prevention of pre-term deliveries but why haven’t you said anything about abortion?

Barak Obama through what I am sure is a well meaning albeit misguided utopian ideology is enacting healthcare reform demanding that religious institutions violate their beliefs and provide all employees with access to these cancer and abortion causing contraceptives or else incur steep penalties they cannot afford. But lest we fail to think the Obama administration is interested in protecting constitutional religious liberty he gave ‘religious institutions’ (by his definition not theirs) an additional year to change their beliefs.5

Let us be clear: Healthcare reform has never been about healthcare. The issue over mandated abortifacient contraception illustrates this. It is about something deeper. It is about creating a State where all men are not just ‘created’ equal rather they are ‘evolved’ to be the same. It is about legislators and political representatives believing that they know better how a man ought to believe and behave. When a government mandates morality, when it usurps control over medicine it becomes the dictator of the masses and the owner of the individual. Mass ‘equality’ results only in mass dehumanization (see the People’s Republic of China). The sweeping enactment of healthcare embodies a fundamental yet unstated presupposition; that individual human beings are evolutionary by-products to be managed. America’s constitution, our medical community, our universities, our seminaries were all based on the premise that humanity is made in the image of God. Therefore all individuals from conception to natural death are inviolable, deserving of the highest respect, afforded the most comprehensive protection, an end in and of themselves and able to attain to the noblest of virtues, needing no external system of government to control belief or behavior. G.K. Chesterton once said, “God forbid the day ever come when people don’t commit murder because it is against the law.” Why? Because it signals a culture embracing relativism and the insanity of political correctness.

We are losing our nation because certain educators and legislators, theologians and medical providers attained the pinnacle of arrogance deciding to sacrifice what made America unique, our shared beliefs in God and its impact on our behavior toward each other, in favor of an evolutionary ‘equality’ a.k.a. godless utopia. This makes every man his own god and thereby all things permissible. A general lethargy of compassion begins to seep into culture as a generation of predators is raised to pursue their own pleasure. It is at this point when government is compelled to step in to control the inevitable social chaos enacting more legislation, ‘regulating’ entire sectors of society. The primary relationship all individuals now have is not with their God or with their spouse and children but rather with one’s government. So of course the government can impose its transient morality on you and me because there can be no one higher or stronger of any real consequence to a man’s thoughts and actions for we are ‘enlightened.’

So what does abortion cost? It costs us our God, our family, our country, our conscience, our future. And whose fault is it? Not really the abortionists. Not even the venal cowards who call themselves ‘public servants.’ It’s us. As the journalist Edward Murrow once said, “We have currently a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information. Our mass media reflect this.” Like ashes from the furnaces of Auschwitz the ramifications of abortion are landing on the rooftops of our moral house of cards. Years from now, preserved as keystrokes on a smart phone or digital pictures on SD cards, we will see escapist chatter, cute pictures of America’s 1.9 children born to consumers married only to personal pleasure, irresponsible wards of the state mistaking meaningless political clichés for substance; hope and change, hope and change. What will be the legacy of a culture complicit in this dehumanization of the preborn child? We must sacrifice now like never before lest what we do today be too little too late and we all are treated like babies before the abortionist’s knife.






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