Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr., the Pioneer of Personhood

Rev. Harden appeared on Monday’s “Speaking Out America” broadcast with host Jim Watkins to talk about Martin Luther King, Jr.

When asked, “Why do you think society downplays Martin Luther King’s religious convictions?”, Rev. Harden chose to identify MLK as the “Pioneer of Personhood.”

“I think Martin Luther King was a great leader, civil rights leader. And I think that his conviction, his energy, came from his Christian belief that all people are made in the image of God and, therefore, equally valuable without qualification. That was the message of the civil rights movement.

“There is not multiple races. There is one race of man. We are all sons of Adam and daughters of Eve.

“And for a government to arrogantly, in its hubris, decide which category of human beings are more equal, if you will, than others, is a farce. It’s a mockery of equality. It’s just a sham, makes a sham out of a constitutional rule of law.

He was the pioneer of personhood. That was Martin Luther King, Jr. , a pioneer of personhood.

“He said, look, all of us need to be protected, dignified, and respected equally. He was not a pioneer of sameness, because equality is not the same thing as sameness.

“The reason why his Christianity has been downplayed, because his message doesn’t fit the communist narrative that’s being promoted in pro-abortion Democrat circles. The communist narrative is that we are all the same. But they don’t use the word ‘the same.’ They use the word ‘equal.’ But they’ve changed definitions.

“And so, Martin Luther King knew that there’s a difference between men and women. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew there’s a difference in terms of people’s abilities, skills, et cetera. But he knew also that no matter where you were, no matter who you were, no matter what your age was, you were inherently valuable. And we are inviolable, not to be violated, because of our inherent value.

“And that inherent value does not come from the government. That inherent value comes from God, in whose image we are made.

“And we must behave in ways that are commensurate with that reality as a government, as a people, as a community, as individuals. This is what Martin Luther King, Jr. taught day in and day out. That was the message that was rung throughout all America, loud and clear, when the people that disagreed with him, shot him.

“He stood for humanity. He stood for the equality of all mankind, no matter. And there are people out there that are power mongers for whom that belief, that Christian belief, is a threat.”

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