Pro-life Medical Network Receives Over Half Million in Matching Funds to Serve NYC

New York City is headquarters of the billion-dollar global abortion industry. Nearly 40,000 abortions occurring annually city-wide with Brooklyn leading the way with 13,000, the highest number of any U.S. County. Now a team of donors committed a massive $650,000 dollar-for-dollar matching fund to double the life-saving impact of every donation now through December 31 to help CompassCare save women and babies from abortion with ethical medical care.

CompassCare CEO and medical ethicist, Rev. Jim Harden says, “The original Hippocratic Oath to which doctors would swear for over two thousand of years specifically forbade abortion. The purpose of medicine is to heal and maintain the health of the patient, abortion does neither, for the mother or the baby.”

Give a baby the gift of a birthday! Now through December 31, your tax-deductible gift to CompassCare will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

To serve women and save lives go to

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