Are NY Abortion Businesses Gaming the Medicaid System?

According to recently published data from the New York State Department of Health, tax payers fund 48% of all abortions in NY. Assuming an average cost of $700, New Yorkers spent $26M on abortion in 2017. Tax payer funding for abortion doubled in Rochester in just one year and jumped 22.3% in Buffalo despite a statewide drop of 8% overall over the same time frame. Erie and Monroe Counties are a statistical red flag.

Abortion numbers change along typical patterns including type of procedure and type of payment. What stands out here is that the increase in Medicaid funded abortion directly parallels the increase in chemical abortions almost one for one.

This increase in Medicaid funded abortion translates into almost a half a million dollars in increased revenue for local abortion businesses. Are abortion businesses gaming the Medicaid system?

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