NY Makes Abortion a Human Right…It Gets Worse

New York’s Reproductive Health Act declares abortion a human right. This newfangled right will quickly conflict with freedom of religion for pro-life medical professionals and freedom of speech in pro-life pregnancy centers. NY’s right to abortion actually sets the stage to attack those that would protect babies and their mothers from abortion.

It gets worse. As of now there are four (4) more bills either lined up in committee, scheduled for a vote, or already passed awaiting Cuomo’s signature, targeting virtually every form of pro-life activity from street ministry to pro-life hiring practices of pregnancy centers. On the flip side there are four (4) other bills protecting, promoting, and paying for Planned Parenthood.

New York politicians are attacking more than preborn babies.

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  1. Jo-Anne Young Reply

    Having suffered the emotional and physical agony of two miscarriages, each at 3 1/2 months into the pregnancies, I cannot wrap my brain around the emotional, spiritual and physical trauma a woman faces and goes through when choosing to kill her baby at any stage of the pregnancy. Trying to make it illegal for anyone to offer alternatives other than abortion to women in crisis is cruel and inhumane. My heart weeps at the thought of it. To deny women access to knowledge and help in seeking alternatives is dictatorial and evil.

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