Jackie believes abortion is wrong but…

Jackie is a young mom trying to raise several children on her own. She is also facing a traumatic family crisis and in the midst of this she recently discovered she was pregnant as the result of a new and fragile relationship. The news of this pregnancy was completely unexpected and Jackie called CompassCare for help.

Jackie explained to her nurse that she was distressed and confused about what to do next. Her new boyfriend was pressuring her to have an abortion, so she called a local abortionist and scheduled one. But she found herself so conflicted about the decision she decided to get another opinion and came to CompassCare, right before her scheduled abortion.

Her nurse spoke with her about all her options and the resources available to her. Jackie listened intently. When presented with the Gospel, she bowed her head to pray, asking God for help and strength to do the right thing. Jackie cancelled her abortion appointment that day…but her confusion continued, as did the pressures in her life.

Jackie believes abortion is wrong but her pressures are overwhelming. Because of her internal conflict she called to set up an abortion appointment on two occasions and cancelled both times. Jackie came back to CompassCare to talk through her options again. She was given another ultrasound and saw her tiny 9-week-old baby growing inside of her. Her nurse prayed with Jackie for strength and courage to take steps towards embracing a decision for life. Those steps would include sharing that she was pregnant with supportive family members, going to see a CompassCare referred OB/GYN for prenatal care, and choosing to continue her pregnancy with or without her boyfriend’s support. All of those things require courage and are difficult for Jackie who feels utterly alone. Before leaving Jackie set up a return appointment with CompassCare, saying she needed someone to hold her accountable to taking the necessary steps.  A PrayerNet (regular prayer requests sent via email) was sent out to all of those who have agreed to faithfully pray for CompassCare’s patients. Jackie desperately needed prayer as she struggled to find strength to make the best choice.

Unfortunately, Jackie did not show up for her return appointment, nor did she want to make another appointment—the worst was feared.  Perhaps the stressful circumstances were just too much for her.  Perhaps her boyfriend was able to convince her that an abortion would be best in spite of the fact that it would contradict her own clearly stated view of life.

One week after her missed appointment, Jackie’s nurse followed up with her to see how she was feeling and if there was anything Compasscare could do for her.  She joyfully responded that she had decided to have her baby! Jackie was able to make the most courageous decision and choose life for her preborn child because of people like you – thank you.

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