Lindsey’s Story

Not yet 16 years old, Lindsey came to CompassCare wanting to receive an abortion. She was newly pregnant, confused, upset and certain she could not continue her pregnancy.  Even in the midst of the ultrasound exam that revealed her tiny 6-week-old baby, Lindsey asked about the feasibility of obtaining a medical abortion. She shared with her CompassCare nurse that the pressures were far too great to manage and that adding a baby to her circumstances would make matters even worse.  Lindsey’s father died recently, and she confessed that her personal life and relationships were in an upheaval, making it even more difficult to process being pregnant.

Thankfully Lindsey returned for her follow-up appointment where she was able to see her baby’s heartbeat and talk through the possibility of continuing her pregnancy. Still unsure of her plans, Lindsey seemed more inclined to consider all of her options following this crucial second appointment.

CompassCare follows up with each patient throughout the course of her pregnancy, but on occasion the nurses are unable to get in touch after she leaves.  When CompassCare is unable to make contact with a patient who is still unsure of her decision or has said she is going to abort, CompassCare assumes that she had an abortion. After multiple attempts to get a hold of Lindsay by phone over the course of several weeks, the CompassCare nurses assumed the worst. That is until just recently…

CompassCare received a call a few weeks ago from Lindsey’s mother. Crying on the phone, here is what she said in her message: “Thank you so much for praying and for providing so much assistance throughout my daughter’s pregnancy.  I am so grateful for your care and support.  Lindsey gave birth to her baby boy last Saturday and he is beautiful!  She was very scared to have him at first, but now she’s just in love with him! I just wanted to say thank you!”

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