Cuomo Abortion Expansion Bill Goes Beyond Roe vs Wade

Governor Cuomo and proponents of the Reproductive Health Act claim that it simply codifies the US Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. The RHA goes far beyond Roe, and beyond any abortion legislation any state has ever passed in creating a new fundamental human right to abortion and contraception. The historical corollary to a fundamental human right is a duty. The move from access to right is a slippery slope. The move from an individual choice to a public duty is never far behind. That’s exactly what happened in China 40 years ago resulting in gruesome government intrusion via the ‘One-Child Policy’ complete with forced abortions. That is not Roe, that’s the RHA.

poisonRoe v. Wade made abortion a legal choice. The RHA would pave the way to make abortion a legal responsibility. It starts with the government forcing medical providers to perform or refer their patients for abortion. It ends with government forcing women to be sterilized, take contraception, and have abortions.  Unless we want to redefine what a ‘right’ is, we shouldn’t consider the RHA.

One significant way that Cuomo’s abortion expansion bill goes way beyond codifying Roe vs Wade is that Roe declared a child in the womb not a person. The RHA refuses to consider the child at all.

We’ve done this before. We’ve refused to consider the personhood of categories of people—blacks, Native Americans, the mentally disabled, Jews. The powerful can do whatever they want with the sub-human: slavery, land-grabbing, forced sterilization, genocide… abortion.

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