Doctor Warns African American Community About NY’s High Abortion Rate

In 2011 there were 102,678 abortions in NY State. Over 60% were repeat abortions. Women in their 20s accounted for over 56%. According to the US Census Bureau whites make up the majority of the State population while the burden of abortion (70%) falls on the non-white minority.

Data from 2009 reveals that New York is the abortion capital of the U.S., with higher abortion rates than any other state.

With a disproportionate number of abortions already occurring in NY, Governor Cuomo’s Abortion Expansion Act does not make much sense. Women already have access to abortion with lower levels of accountability for abortionists than any other field of medicine. We need to raise the bar for women’s health care not lower it. Making abortion a “fundamental right” would prohibit any restriction whatsoever including accountability for medical providers to treat women ethically and with dignity. We need higher standards to care for women, not lower standards.

Stand up. Tell your representatives that Abortion Expansion makes no sense in a state that already has the highest abortion rates in the country.

Ob/Gyn doctor speaks to African American Communities in New York about consequences of Cuomo’s abortion expansion bill.