Whoever Wishes to Save His Life Must Lose It

In 2012 CompassCare helped 50% more women seriously considering abortion have their babies than ever before! In 2013 CompassCare is working, praying and strategizing on increasing the patient load by another 100%!

Many women when faced with an unplanned pregnancy are confronted with what they perceive to be a terrible decision: Either my life or the baby’s life. Her circumstances are conspiring against her. The culture tells her that her priorities should be school, a career, money, and independence. Her conscience tells her that ending the life of the baby should not be a decision she should ever have to make.

While we know that having the baby does not necessarily spell doom on the life plans of a woman facing unplanned pregnancy, she still feels pulled in that direction. Her friends, the media, the government, maybe even her parents tell her that her life as she knows it or planned it will end tragically by allowing the baby to live. But something deep in the soul of every woman intuits a different reality.

CompassCare’s job is to give a woman a vision of her future after having a child. CompassCare’s job is to appeal to the noble side of her, beckoning her to a higher calling. We are asking her to exchange her bodily image for a baby, restful evenings for sleepless nights, her reputation for dirty diapers, and a new car for a car seat, a diploma for crayons and a coloring book. We are asking her to sacrifice who she is, so that another might live.

How could we do any less? There is nothing more meaningful, nothing more demanding, nothing more fulfilling, and nothing more exhausting than laying our lives down in sum total for our neighbor, whether that neighbor is a baby or the broken family across the street. This is how the Church changes the world. Sacrificing one for another is how the Kingdom of God comes to earth, to our nation, to our town, to our family. It was after all Jesus Who taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

Jesus made a way for our salvation and it requires our death, giving up our right to ourselves. This kind of life is characterized by uncalculated devotion to God, without thought of our own personal suffering. This kind of freedom from the bonds of materialistic self-love cost Christ everything. We ask women to give everything in exchange for the life of her baby. God also asks us to give everything for others. There will come a time in our nation when sacrificing for our faith will become normal -normal and necessary. And that time may be closer than we realize. Sacrifice with CompassCare this year. Join us as we encourage more women than ever to sacrifice themselves for the lives of their children.