Moving from Hectic to In Control

Recently one of CompassCare’s Executive Coaches, Mary Rutherford, wrote an email to an executive in training.  I asked for permission to represent it here so that everyone could catch a brief glimpse into the specific mechanics of how a medical PRC becomes optimized within the reality of our hectic lives as PRC executives.

Mary writes:

One of the most brilliant teaching strategies of Jim Harden is the ICL (Implementation Checklist).  Each of the tasks is designed to help you to reach your Thematic Goal of Optimizing your three major departments.

One of the most brilliant decisions you made as the Director of your Center, was to invest your time in the Optimization Training!

I understand in talking with you, that you are being pulled in many directions. This will not stop.

To make the most of your investment, it is critical that you set aside time every day to work on the tasks listed on your ICL. Fill in the tasks completed, not only for us, but for you to see your own progress.

The sooner you make the ICL a priority in your day, the faster your optimization will take place!  You will be amazed at how orderly life is when you are optimized.

From an OT Executive to a future OT Executive:  When you are optimized, you are truly in the control seat!

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