New Study Suggests 3% Cap on Pregnancy Center’s Ability to Reach Abortion-minded

Download and read the new suggestive study Reaching Abortion-minded Women Study 5-30-12b

We decided to test a theory. My hypothesis was that no pregnancy center medical or otherwise could reach more than 3% of the market of abortion-minded women in their region. We tested that theory on several of the CompassCare network centers and found something we did not expect–the theory was right and wrong. What I mean is that there might well be two different types of pregnancy centers; abortion hub centers and non-abortion hub centers. What we found was that the centers located in non-abortion hubs (places with less than 1500 abortions per year with an abortion rate of less than 16% compared to area pregnancy rates) experienced marketing results with a typical proportionate increase in clientele to marketing spend rate. HOWEVER, we also found that centers located in abortion hubs (places with more than 1500 abortions and an abortion rate equal to or greater than 16%) could not get past 2.7% of the market share no matter how much money they spent on advertising.

We are not sure why this is the case but if it holds true in a wider study it could have major implications on how the pregnancy center movement can maximize services to help women more effectively and reduce America’s abortion trend. Our first step is increase the number of centers participating in the study. All we have right now is a study that suggests a trend. We need to test it with information from more centers.

Needed are three (3) simple pieces of information:
1) Center Name and Location (City, County, and State) for demographic purposes
2) Number of abortion-minded women served in 2011 (women who said they wanted an abortion or who otherwise viewed it as a primary option)
3) Total Marketing dollars spent for 2011