20% of CompassCare Patients Turn to Christ–Need Your Help

Pray that CompassCare’s patients who are choosing to have their babies find church homes.

The word ‘pray’ or some derivative of it is found 362 times in the Bible. That is enough to consider it a theme in a book dedicated to revealing God’s plan for redeeming the world.

Praying usually involves seeking the Lord’s intervention on behalf of one person or group of people. Throughout the Bible the man of God is found praying as a means to interact with Him. And that interaction always produces powerful results. Jesus taught the Apostles to pray first by example. And after His ascension they followed His lead and lifted up their souls to Him in prayer. In fact the apostles were so dedicated to prayer and its counterpart of teaching God’s word that when the needs of widows and the poor were being neglected they were obligated to have other godly men tend to them (Acts 6:1-7).

New Moms need your help

It is to the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy that we turn to you and your church. Women at risk for abortion are above all, most in need of prayer. Their souls and the very lives of their children are in danger. Recognizing the indispensable nature of your prayer CompassCare desperately needs to partner with you in a deeper way.

The National Association of Evangelicals discovered that 80% of evangelicals between 18-29 have engaged in premarital sex and that 32% of all unplanned pregnancies among evangelicals end in abortion. In CompassCare’s experience 48% of patients claim to be Christians and virtually all of them were at risk for abortion. The good news is that most women served are choosing to have their babies and that 20% choose to receive Christ as their Savior!

This is where you come in. CompassCare would like to partner more closely with you and your church to serve any woman that might be facing an unplanned pregnancy. This would require amassing a small group of people at your church led by a mature Christian woman to pray for and coordinate the discipleship of a woman facing unplanned pregnancy. They would also be the group that would be able to refer women to CompassCare if someone were to face an unplanned pregnancy within the church. We are calling these groups CompassCare Prayer and ‘MotherCare’ teams.

For a packet of material complete with next steps, descriptions of MotherCare and Prayer teams, marketing collateral, etc to facilitate the two-way patient referral process between CompassCare and your church contact Matt Sones on CompassCare’s administrative line (585.232.3894).