What Is Man?

What is man? How we answer that question determines how doctors treat patients, how teachers educate children, how pastors preach, how professors theorize, the stories writers craft, how politicians legislate, how a society treats children and the less fortunate, and how much we value marriage and family. For CompassCare each human being from conception to natural death is made in the image of God and is therefore deserving of the highest protection and respect.

What is man?It is to that end CompassCare is working. Call volumes and women scheduling has increased dramatically and if these trends continue CompassCare will have seen two times more babies born to women considering abortion this year than in 2011.

But a threat is looming on the horizon. This is being written just days after the United States Senate defeated, by a vote of 51-48, a valiant effort spearheaded bySenator Roy Blunt of Missouri to pass the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act. The bill would have repealed the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate that all organizations, including those that are faith-based like CompassCare, provide abortion-causing drugs, cancer and abortion-causing contraception, and sterilization to their employees through their health plans, at no cost to the employee. This mandate violates the protection of religious freedom of conscience for faith-based organizations who believe that providing such things is flat out wrong. But Barak Obama says that it is okay, saying ‘free’ contraception will reduce the long-term cost of insurance because fewer babies will be born. Is economic cost reduction really what this is all about? And now the Supreme Court deliberates as to the constitutionality of the Health Care Law in total.

Is it still government by the consent of the governed?

Question: What is the basic unit of any economy? It’s a human being. The very word ‘economy’ means nothing without people. Furthermore, there is no sustainable economic model for a flat or declining population. Without people thinking, creating, fixing, buying, and selling there is no upward economic progress.  Progress depends on a growing population that is free to pursue their ideas, their work, their rewards, and their family without restrictive government intrusion. And there is nothing as personally intrusive as the regulation of reproductive health. We don’t have to look very far to find examples of national economic collapse due to increased government control, aging population and it’s associated lack of production-see Russia, Greece, Italy, and Spain to name a few. What causes a population to ‘age?’ Low birth rates. Low birth rates are caused by abortion and contraception which become culturally acceptable due to shallow family values. A dearth in family values is caused by a reduction in Church influence. The only solution to the moral spiral is a restoration of a Biblical view of the family, a return to Judeo-Christian values.

A shallow view of the family causes people to begin to believe that government is the giver of rights, that government should determine what is morally acceptable for individuals rather than the unchanging Biblical standard for family members. Abortion is a perfect illustration of a society taking its moral queues from government regarding the most basic of all moral questions; “What is man?” Trampling religious liberty Obamacare and the HHS forced contraception mandate reveal that those in government believe they should and do have the moral authority over family and the Church. This mandate represents the humanistic view that people are evolutionary by-products to be managed by a more enlightened class of people who represent a new morality. If we do not educate, vote, and sacrifice for this most fundamental of moral questions a not too distant future will reveal it illegal for CompassCare to perform its life-saving services. And if these radical secular beliefs remain unchecked in our households, schools, medical community, and public policy, abortion will become only the first of many mandated horrors.

Human dignity lies in the balance. No government is equipped to keep people both stable and free at the same time. Only families committed to the Judeo-Christian ethic can do that. It is the Church alone that can foster family health. Of all social institutions only the family unit can 1) not be controlled by government regulation and 2) deliver to the next generation the Christian core values necessary to propagate family; keeping society both free and stable. The traditional family unit stands alone before the State both in the history of mankind and in the resistance of tyrannical regulation. This is why a ship of State desirous of a sea of power must weigh the anchor of traditional family. Unable to bring the anchor on board, government attempts to sever the cord with tools like contraception, abortion, and the usurpation of moral authority from the bible believing church.  The logical end to healthcare reform, as illustrated by the recent contraception and religious liberty debates, is that the individual becomes the property of the State much like abortion makes a child in the womb property of the mother, to be disposed of at her discretion.

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