Christian=Pro-Life? Walk It Out with CompassCare

To be a Christian is to be pro-life. Being pro-life is not a political position nor does it represent a niche passion of a select few one issue zealots. It is a position that represents the majority of Americans. The reason why Christians almost exclusively populate pro-life efforts is directly related to who we are. Being pro-life is not a movement but a state of being. To not actively speak and act on behalf of the voiceless and powerless is to misunderstand our helpless status as sinners before a holy God, thereby missing the point of how Jesus freed us and how then we ought to walk in His steps ever after.

When we speak of choice, believers in Jesus Christ have the best perspective knowing the ultimate (good and bad) results of free moral choice. One could say that everything after Genesis Chapter 3, when Adam chose to disobey God, is history—the history of God’s plan to bring the world back into right relationship with Him. Just as we were without rights, voice, and influence before God, He sent His son Jesus to leverage those things on our behalf to redeem our situation. And why? So that we can participate with Him in redeeming the world. True disciples of Jesus have no choice but to leverage their new found voice for the exploited women and the de-humanized babies in their wombs. Jesus talked about ‘the least of these.’ James spoke of the ‘orphan and the widow.’ The least of these are important to believers precisely because the ‘least of these’ used to be you and me. So for one to ignore the plight of the least of these means we remain one of them and dead in our trespasses and sins. I invite you to participate in CompassCare’s annual Vision Walk and Family Festival once again leveraging your influence for the most oppressed of all persons; women and their pre-born children. ‘Like’ CompassCare on Facebook and follow the Vision Walk event page there.

Every woman has a choice concerning the outcome of her pregnancy. But true choice only occurs when a woman feels like she has two or more paths available to her. Women ‘choosing’ abortion do so precisely because they feel like there is no other option. Empowerment rises only after a woman has 1) received all the information on the short and long term ramifications of abortion and 2) feels free to choose the more difficult of the options—having the baby.

Every year because of the efforts of walkers and sponsors just like you, CompassCare has accomplished amazing things. This year CompassCare needs to raise $333,000 to meet two goals: 1) reach and serve 20% of all the women seriously considering abortion in Rochester thereby putting significant financial strain on the abortion industry and 2) dramatically increase the effectiveness of CompassCare’s national network. I am asking 758 former pledge raising walkers to walk with me again this year. If we each raised just $439 we would reach the goal! Of all years this is the year to be a Walker! You can make a difference for eternity by empowering a woman at risk for abortion to have her baby.

So be sure to go to to start your own fund-raising page or to sponsor your walker as soon as possible. If you cannot be in Rochester on May 19th, you can register as a ‘ghost walker’ and still raise pledges for the mission. Together let’s walk in the footsteps of Jesus at the Vision Walk and Family Festival!

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