Pregnancy Center 1st Amendment Rights Restricted

New York City Council Bill No. 371 violates the First Amendment Rights of certain pregnancy centers in each of the five New York City boroughs. A similar measure is being proposed, SHB 1366, in Washington State fought by the formidable Beth Chase and her team. US District Judge Marvin Garbis, ruled similar legislation affecting Baltimore’s crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) unconstitutional on the grounds that it was in violation of protections guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Ignoring that ruling abortion proponents turned politicians insist on wasting tax payer time and resources to fight unconstitutional legislation and legislation that the people don’t even want! See the recent study conducted of NYC population here.  To be clear these bills are unnecessary. There are no recorded complaints in New York City records regarding the pregnancy resource centers impacted by this legislation. In fact, no pregnancy center has ever been the target of a single lawsuit in New York State history. We should be celebrating, not denigrating the vital service these centers provide. The pregnancy centers in question offer free services to an under-served population. The population of women facing unplanned pregnancy are being victimized by an abortion industry that refuses to follow ethical medical standards of care. The same industry that refuses to disclose their financial conflict of interest to women, (e.g. that they have a vested financial interest in a woman’s decision to abort her child rather than carry to term). The same industry that refuse to foster an environment of true informed consent about the true nature of all her options including costs and potential immediate and long term side-effects. It is cowardly, reprehensible, and unethical that the abortion industry, which has a monopoly on serving women facing unplanned pregnancy, be allowed to legislate their competition out of business.

As executives we must speak against these dangerous and nefarious acts. Click HERE to submit letters to the editor of any newspaper in your State.

You can also encourage Mayor Bloomberg of New York City to veto the precedent setting bill eroding the constitutional rights of his constituency by clicking HERE.

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