Part IV: Ethical Standards for Serving Abortion-minded Women

Transparency, Integrity, and Full Disclosure:

Due to the political, passionate and divisive nature of abortion women facing unplanned pregnancy are often the

Every woman has 3 Choices

victims of biased information and sales tactics at abortion clinics and elsewhere. It is our belief based on serving thousands of abortion-minded women across the country every year that women need to be insulated from these added agenda driven pressures. Furthermore, if they are insulated and at the same time given all the information and about all their options (abortion, adoption, and parenting) as well as the medical support needed at the moment more often than not she will choose to have her baby. Not a sane woman alive actually wants to have an abortion. They feel trapped, like abortion is their only way out. It is the job of the pregnancy center to provide support and security such that she realizes that she can actually pursue other options, a real choice.

So, in the interests of fairness and the desire to avoid non-exploitative behavior, organizations should:

1. Fully disclose the financial profit they stand to gain if the woman chooses one option over another.

2. Refrain from manipulation and coercive tactics such as inflaming irrational fear and panic.

3. Ask and obtain permission at each stage of the consultation process.

4. Conduct anonymous paper-and-pencil exit surveys to assess client/patient satisfaction with the organization. (See Attached Sample Exit Survey Here Client/Patient Exit Survey)

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