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The following is from Becky Wood who is the Executive Director at ABC Women’s Clinic in Georgia:

First and foremost in  my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ, because without His mercy and grace, I would not be here today.  My premise:  As children of a holy God, we are called to excellence in every area of our lives. We are to steward not just our material resources, but the gifts and callings placed within us by our Lord Himself. And, as we walk in His Spirit, He leads us on an adventure that is much greater that our best imagining!

When I became involved in Pregnancy Center work as a volunteer, I had no idea what God had in mind for me.  Monday mornings spent cleaning toilets, sorting baby clothes, and running errands expanded into peer counseling with women in unplanned pregnancies. I still remember the devastation of my first at risk teen when she learned that she was pregnant. But I also remember the celebration as fear gave way to confidence and she decided she could carry her baby in spite of her parent’s reaction. Today this young woman has completed college and is married with a second child. She first came to the center at 17, and returned 2 years ago when our center became a medical clinic and we needed models to scan. It was then I learned she had accepted Christ as the result of my prayers with her that first day!

This story is repeated across the country thousands of times as Pregnancy Centers meet those in need and share with them the love of Jesus.  It is an honorable thing to serve these women and men, and so I feel compelled to lead our center to be the best it can be at fulfilling our mission by reaching and serving at risk women.

OT (Optimization Tool) has taken the guesswork out of ministry for us here at ABC Women’s Clinic by providing a consistent and effective process with measurable results. Staff are committed to the 15 step patient flow process and volunteers love it because they know exactly what is expected, how to perform each task, and who is responsible each step along the way. Patients receive the same quality service from compassionate and empowered volutneers. Our donors love it because they see maximized effectiveness and streamlined operations focused on the mission itself.

Prior to becoming a medical clinic, ABC had a 30% positive test ratio, with 12% of positive test patients at risk. After becoming medical, positive test ration climbed to 42% with 24% of these at risk. For over a year as an OT center, we have consistently seen 70% or better positive test ratio, with 80% of these at risk. More babies have been saved in the past 15 months than the previous 10 years combined!

Jim Harden and his team are constantly at work to stay relevant to today’s woman. One advantage of the innovation phase is the ability to catch trends early by recognizing tham as they occur at multiple OT sites throughout the country.

It is my pleasure to recommend OT to any center wishing to maximize results and streamline processes by serving at risk women with excellence.

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